An Alluring Aroma (Still Life)

I chose to do the Alluring Aroma option for my project, I did a few different perfumes and props/backgrounds.

The first set is a perfume that has real flowers inside of it, so I decided to use some fake flower petals, flower bunches, and some moss, along with some sequins for the background. I had all of this on top of a large mirror and set it all under my Christmas tree. I also used some extra Christmas lights around it.

For the Second set I used the same set up as the first, but I used a different perfume bottle and added some pearls for some extra contrast.

The third and fourth sets are my boots and belts layed out and my ” Cowgirl Secret” perfume set between them. I used two different pairs of my boots and  two different belts. I used a blanket and the wood floor under them, and in a few you can see I little bit of my gas stove in the background.

The last set is some sand, sea shells, and some of my rocks as the background. The blue around the outside is some silk fabric I had. And the pearls around the perfume bottle is a bracelet of raw pearls and shell pieces. The last set is kind of a mix of both the assignment exercises.

The biggest challenge with this assignment was the lighting, trying to get everything lit the way I wanted and not glare on the bottle was really hard. I also wish that the photos turned out the same as how I had envisioned them.




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